The Department of Collegiate Education is facilitating the telecast of curriculum based lessons of conventional as well as restructured subjects through MANA TV which support and supplement the normal teaching .This telecast provides the latest information on the topics in the best possible way using appropriate picture ,animation etc .It is a modern and innovative learning resource .The telecast is benefitting large sections of the students belonging to semi urban and rural areas .Besides regular lessons ,Group discussions ,panel discussions ,teleconferences, certificate cources on communication skills etc., are telecast through MANA TV from time to time .

The schedule of the topics to be telecast is circulated among all the colleges in beginning of the academic year itself .The coordinator of MANA TV once again circulate the schedule to the all departments of the college .The students are instructed to attend the telecast programmes along with the staff members .The feedback is submitted to Commissionerate for further improvement of the program.

In this college sri M.Jayachandra Babu , Lecturer in Mathematics is the coordinator of MANA TV programmes .