Objectives of the Career Guidance Cell:

  1. To create awareness about job opportunities in various sectors like Government and Private.
  2. To provide information about the skill sets required to join government and private organization.
  3. To pose carrier guidance and motivational programme periodically.
  4. To arrange coaching/training for Civil Services, Group Exams, Indian Armed Forces, Bank exams, Railway exams, and postal exams.
  5. To organize programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad.
  6. To provide available updated information about jobs /positions/opportunities.
  7. To organize lectures on career development by subject experts.
  8. To help students share knowledge about themselves by identifying skills, and interests.
  9. To organize lectures/seminars on interview skills, personality development, communication skills, leadership skills, resume writing, analytical skills, quantitative ability, verbal and reasoning skills essential to all competitive exams.

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