To establish a platform for the dissemination and creation of knowledge through teaching and research in Physics at various levels. To help create a scientific society which encourages logical thinking.


To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical Physics, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods like LCD presentation etc.

To support the developmental activities of the College and make the Department vibrant.

To make vital contributions in areas of emphasis such as faculty, modern labs, Department library and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of Engineering Physics.

To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values of the Institution.

To organize and sustain efficient operating systems in the Department for realization of our objectives as Institution of eminence and International standards To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement.

Program Outcomes:

  •  To create human resources with strong foundation in Physics which can be applied to wide areas in Science and Technology.
  •  To motivate students towards research in Physics as well as in interdisciplinary areas.
  •  To carry out high quality scientific research in wide areas of Physics.
  •  To carry out research through collaboration with researchers of other reputed academic institutions of India and abroad.
  •  To bring externally sponsored funds in order to strengthen laboratory facilities and support doctoral students.
  •  To organize outreach activities to promote scientific culture.

Programmes Offered

Program Name Sanctioned Strength Annual Strength
I B.Sc 60 59
II B.Sc 60 45
III B.Sc 60 37

Dr M.Parandamaiah
LECTURER in Physics


    Phone:+91 7780110944

    Teaching experience: 23 years

Educational History:
  • M.Sc, physics at S.V.U in 1996,Tirupati
  • M.PHIL AT SV UNIVERSITY in 1999 , Tirupati
  • Published 7 papers in UGC Reputed journals
Sri. Bapanayya chitikela,
Assistant Professor of physics


    Phone : +91 8019228436

    Teaching experience: 6 years

Educational History:
  • M. Tech. Materials Science at IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, India, 2010, M.Tech. thesis entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Thin Films of Chalcogenide Glasses" under the guidance of Prof. S.C. Agarwal and Dr. Rajeev Gupta.
  • M. Sc Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India, 2007
    Academic Achievements:
  • Academic Achievements:
  • GATE-2007, All India Rank 128 (Physics)
  • Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) -2007, All India Rank 346 (Physics)
Research Publications:
  • M. Hemanadhan, Ch. Bapanayya, and S. C. Agarwal, "A Simple Flash Evaporator for deposition of compounds", J. vac. Sci. Technol. A 28, 625 (2010).
  • Ch. Bapanayya, Rajeev Gupta, S. C. Agarwal, "Potential Fluctuations in Phase Change Memory Materials" Philos. Mag. Lett. 91, 134 (2011).
  • C. Bapanayya, P.A. Raju, S. Das Sharma, and D.S. Ramesh, "Information theory- based measures of similarity for imaging shallow-mantle discontinuities", GSA Journal Lithosphere. 3, 289 (2011).
  • S. Das Sharma, D.S. Ramesh, C. Bapanayya, P.A. Raju, "ea surface temperatures in cooler climate stages bear more similarity with atmospheric CO 2 forcing" J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 117, D13 (2012).
  • N. Parvathala Reddy, Ch. Bapanayya, Rajeev Gupta, and S.C. Agarwal, "Durability of rewritable phase-change GeXSbYTe1-X-Y memory devices", Pramana 80, 6 (2013).
Research Interests:

All solid state Lithium ion batteries, graphene reinforced electrode materials, density functional theory studies,

Dr.G.Srinu LECTURER in Physics


    Phone:+91 8985708034

    Teaching experience: 8 years

Educational History:
  • PH.D awarded with topic entitled "Some Phenomenological Aspects of Neutrino mixing & Parameters" from university of Hyderabad in 2018
  • M.Sc in Nuclear Physics in Andhra University in 2007
  • "Neutrino mixing Matrices with relatively large 013 and with texture one-zero".
  • "Charged lepton correction to tribimaximal lepton mixing and its implications to neutrino phenomenology"
  • "Perturbation to TBM mixing and its phenomenological implications"
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