The College Planning & Development Councils were established in all Government Degree Colleges in the year 2000-2001 with a view to introduce transparency in the administration of the college. They were also established to involve the public in the planning and development of Government Degree Colleges. The bye-laws of the Council were formulated by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education and they can be modified at any time by the Commissioner. The term of the members of the Council is two years. The Principal of the College is the ex-officio President of the Council. The other members of the council are nominated by the President/Principal as per the guidelines given by the Commissioner.

Objectives :

The main functions of CPDC are to approve the indents for the purchases of various articles for the use of the college including scientific equipment. The construction activity in the college is also done under the supervision of the CPDC though the actual work is taken up by any engineering department of the Government.

Activities under progress :

1.Activities under progress.
3.Exhibition activities.

The following are the members of the CPDC of the college at present.

Members of CPDC
Dr.Y.Nagaraja Naidu President
Dr.K.Narsimha Varma Member
Dr. Subbarao Member
DEE R&B Department Member
P. Sri.Dushyanth Babu Member
Dr.Juluganti Bharath Member
Sri.D.Suneel Kumar Reddy Member
Smt.K.Niveditha Member
Sri.M. Chengalrayalu F/O M. Krishna Kumari,III B.Sc (BZC) Member
M. Ganesh F/O A.M.Rathnam, II B.Sc (MPCs) Member