“Mathematics is independent in nature and servant to all sciences to explore their intrinsic properties”

The department of Mathematics was established in the year1978 with B.Sc., MPC(TM) programme. Later B.A. (MECA), B.Sc., MPE, MPCS, MBBt, MPC (EM) and MECs programmes were introduced. At present the department offers B.Sc., programme with MPC(TM), MPE, MPCs, MECs and MPC (EM).

So far the department has produced 38 successful batches. The department of Mathematics contains highest number of students among the core subjects of the college. The alumni of the department occupied various important positions like lecturers, teachers, IT professionals, bank employees, Police, Defense etc.

The department observes “National Mathematics Day” every year on the eve of Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birth day by conducting competitions and arranging a guest lecture by an eminent professor.

The department has departmental library containing more than 200 books circulating among the students. The department actively involves in various committees duly constituted by the principal for the smooth functioning of the college.

Mr. G. Sridhar, one of the senior faculty members is acting as Head of the Department. He is the coordinator for District Resource Centre (DRC) in the college. He is the nodal officer for AISHE and NIRF in the college.